A tale about the success of a team of young football players at the First World Football Championship held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930, who made a dream come true with their enthusiasm and talent, spreading the fame of their country throughout the world. And somewhere along the way, this success made them true stars and living legends.

Based on the book by famous sport journalist, Vladimir Stanković, dramatised by renowned screenplay writers Srđan Dragojević and Ranko Božić under the first-time director's palette of actor Dragan Bjelogrlić, this historical melodrama gives us an unique and somewhat nostalgic view into the 1930's of Belgrade and resurrects the old times reminding us of a quite distinctive era when values and virtues were something very different from what they are today.

Thanks to the production team of Intermedia Network, the epoch comes to life and at times we feel hypnotized by the magic of the cobblestone streets of famous Belgrade district Čubura. Audiences sense the hype of using electricity, birth of the radio, the growing trend of cabare nightclubs and Ford T model cars just like the one owned by then soccer star, Blagoje Moša Marjanović.

This film introduces us to a whole new generation of young actors who play the roles of almost forgotten historical figures, soccer gods, players of the then most popular clubs "BSK" and "Yugoslavia".

The subject of soccer seems to take lead but very soon we see that love, heroism, companionship, faith, honour, patriotism and respect are actually the main characters. The inhabitants of Belgrade are introduced to us via their individual and almost quirky personalities, aspirations and head-strong ambitions, innovations that were then considered to be ludicrous and the constantly present ideal of an almost impossible trip to the first FIFA World Cup in a city that seems to be at the end of the globe, far away Montevideo, Uruguay.